Friday, April 3, 2009

Configuring Single Sign-On Services

You must complete four steps to configure the Office SharePoint Server 2007 Single Sign-On Services.

To configure Single Sign-On Services

1. The first step to configuring Single Sign-On Services is to use the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration Web application to complete the Enable SSO in the Farm task that is created after Office SharePoint Server 2007 has been installed. This task involves managing the Single Sign-On Administrator Account and the Enterprise Application Definition Administrator Account settings for determining who can administer and create Single Sign-On applications.

2. The next step is to manage the encryption key that is used to encrypt user information and passwords. The encryption key protects the information stored in the Single Sign-On database.

3. You can then add enterprise application definitions to the Single Sign-On Service. For example, you can provide connection details and descriptions for line-of-business applications.

4. Finally, you can add details of user accounts for accessing the enterprise applications, and you can map those credentials to Office SharePoint Server 2007 users

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