Thursday, July 7, 2016

SharePoint 2016 step by step installation

Following are the steps to install and configure SharePoint 2016 single Server Farm


  • Windows Server 2012 R2

  • SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
  • SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites are installed.

  1. Start SharePoint 2016 RTM installation.

Start SharePoint 2016 RTM installation.

  1. Once the installation is complete, run the configuration wizard
SharePoint 2016 Run Configuration Wizard
  1. Select ‘Create a new Server’
SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard - connect to a server farm

  1. Provide the Database server details and click next. In this instance of single server farm, provide the current server and DB details. Since installing SharePoint 2016 in standalone machine is not supported, we need to add the current server to domain in order to configure single server farm environment. Refer to my blog post on Configuring Active Directory Domain Services for SharePoint 2016 Environment

SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard - Database Settings

  1. Provide Passphrase
SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard - Security Settings

  1. Specify server role. Select the role for the server you’re installing in the server farm. If the instance is a single server farm, then select Single Server Farm.

SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard - Server Role Settings

  1. Specify the central administration port number and select the authentication provide for the web application. In this instance we are selecting NTLM authentication.
SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard - Central Administration Settings

  1. Select Next to complete the configuration.
SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard

SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard

SharePoint 2016 Central Administration Site

Configuration Active Directory Domain Services for SharePoint 2016 Single Server Environment

Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2, SharePoint 2016 RTM Prerequisite: Install ADLDS (

Following are the steps to configure AD DS for a SharePoint 2016 Single Server Farm installation.
Start Server Manager > Select AD DS and click on more… to complete the required configuration for AD DS in the server

Configure AD DS
Click on the post deployment configuration action
Configure AD DS

Select “Add a new forest”, provide the domain name and click Next button
AD DS domain name
Provide the Directory Services Restore Mode password and click Next
Domain Controller Options
Ignore the warning message and click next

DNS Options

AD DS Domain Name
Specify the AD DS database and log location path.
AD DS Paths

Verify the details provide and click next
AD DS Review Settings

When the following error message (“Verification of prerequisites for Domain Controller promotion failed”) occurs during perquisites check, then reset the password for Administrator Account and run the prerequisite again

AD DS Prerequisites Check

AD DS Prerequisites Check
Click Install after successful prerequisite checks.

AD DS Prerequisites Check
AD DS Installation
Restart the server after successful installation.
AD DS Installation - Restart Server
Login with the credentials for new domain.
AD DS Installation - Verify Authentication

Add Users to new AD

Select Active Directory Users and Computers from Server Manager > Tools menu
AD DS - Add New Users
Add new user details
AD DS - Add New Users
Verify authentication after creating users. Now you can use this domain to configure SharePoint 2016 in a single server environment.