Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Move/Copy subsite to another site collection using PowerShell

Using SharePoint Server 2010;

We have a requirement to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. The existing SharePoint server 2010 have a subsite which has more subsites on it and the size is huge. We want to copy or move this subsite to a new site collection before we migrate the entire content to SP2016.

Note: Make sure you backup the existing content database and delete the subsite manually after verify the copy.

Following powershell script is used to copy the subsite to new site collection which:
  1. Create a new content database
  2. Create a new site collection and attach to the new content database
  3. Export the subsite
  4. Import the subsite to the new site collection

PowerShell Script:

 $webApp = "http://sp2010-prasath:3333", #Web Application  URL
 $DBServer = "sp2010-prasath", #Database Server to create new content DB
 $DBName = "WSS_Content_Projects", #Content DB Name
 $subSiteURL = "http://sp2010-prasath:3333/Projects/", #Subsite URL
 $backupPath = "C:\\Sub Site Backup\\SandboxSubsSite.cmp", #Backup file
 $newSCURL = "http://sp2010-prasath:3333/sites/projects", #New site collection URL
 $SCOwner = "sp2010-prasath\spadmin", #Site Collection Administrator Account
 $errMessage = ""

#Create new content database
$errMessage = "creating new Content Database"
$scGUID = New-SPContentDatabase $DBName -DatabaseServer $DBServer -WebApplication $webApp -ErrorAction Stop
Write-host "Content Database has been created successfully!"

#Create new site collection in the new content database
$errMessage = "creating new Site Collection"
$template = Get-SPWebTemplate "STS#0"  -ErrorAction Stop
$newSite = New-SPSite -Url $newSCURL -OwnerAlias $SCOwner -Template $template -ContentDatabase $scGUID.Id -ErrorAction Stop
Write-host "Site Collection has been created successfully!"

#Export/Backup existing subsite
$errMessage = "exporting subsite"
$export = Export-SPWeb -Identity $subSiteURL -Path $backupPath -IncludeUserSecurity -IncludeVersions all -HaltOnError -Force -ErrorAction Stop
Write-host "Subsite export successful"

#Import subsite to new site collection
$errMessage = "importing subsite to new Site Collection"
Import-SPWeb $newSCURL -Path $backupPath -ErrorAction Stop
Write-host "Import successful"
Write-host "Error occurred while" $errMessage
Write-host "Error Message:" $_.Exception.Message

Run the script in PowerShell

subsite to site collection

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  1. Hi, Nice article, I have concern, is it possible that your code will work for large size of sites (approximately 250 GB)