Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bind SharePoint list filtered data to Infopath dropdown

To bind a SharePoint list data in to a combo box in InfoPath
By default the values of a specific field in a list is bind based on the default view set in the list.

To bind the values based on a different view, below are the steps

1. Form the URL of the list and view

To get your list ID and View ID

List Settings --> Click on the View that you want to bind in the infopath drop down control

Your URL contains the List GUID and View GUID

2. Use the formed URL as your XML data source in InfoPath and your drop down data will be filtered as per your specific view
3. In InfoPath Data Connection Wizard, select XML document as your data source and provide the following URL as the XML data file


XML Data source in Infopath

4. Create a data connection and set that to the drop down list in the InfoPath. Now the drop down will list the data based on your specific view

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  1. After defining the XML Data Source, I am unable to bind the values from the Drop Down List Box. To Select a Field or Group, it is expecting a repeating group or field. The z:row from the rs:data is not a repeating group or field and I cannot select it. How do I define the Value and Display name for the Drop-Down List Box using the XML Data Source from the SharePoint view?