Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A duplicate name "" was found

Issue: Received an error when creating a site from  a custom site template.

Error: A duplicate name "Responsible" was found.


The issue was with the column names in a list of the site we created a custom template from. I initially created a Text field column with the name 'Responsible', later we created another Responsible column with People and group type after renaming the existing column to 'Contributors'. This actually led to an error when we created a new site using this site template. The issue was identified by renaming the site template from sitename.stp to sitename.cab > extact the cab file > open the manifest file.

Noticed that the internal name of 'Contributor' column was 'Responsible' and the display name of 'Responsible' column was 'Responsible'.

Deleting the 'Contributor' column and recreated with different internal name resolved the issue.

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