Thursday, June 25, 2015

What can we do with SharePoint Designer 2013?

Following is the high level list of features and functionality that we can do using SharePoint Designer 2013
1.      Edit Site
a.      Create list/libraries/Sites
b.      Create site pages
c.      Create Web Part Pages
d.      Create/edit Master pages
f.       Copy/move/delete items
g.      Create content types/columns/external content types/site assets
h.      Site Groups
2.      Create Workflows
a.Workflow Actions
         Dictionary actions
         Coordination actions
         Task Actions
         Eventing Actions
b. List Workflow
b.      Reusable Workflow
c.      Site Workflow
d.      Package workflows
e.      Loops in Workflow

3.      Create external Data sources

5.      Call REST Web Services

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