Monday, July 6, 2015

Integration Oracle Access Manager with SharePoint 2013


Integration Oracle Access Manager with SharePoint and sync user profiles. Import user’s profiles from Active directory and OAM. The imported profiles should resolve in the people picker. The scope of this development is targeted to SharePoint 2013.

Implementation Options

Integrate OAM with LDAP store

  • Enable synchronization of Oracle Identity Manager roles, users, and their hierarchy to an LDAP directory
  • Enable Identity Administration Integration with Oracle Access Manager (OAM).
  • Synchronize user profiles between the SharePoint Server directory and the Access Manager directory

Sync with BCS data

  • Integrating Oracle data into SharePoint by creating a connection through the BCS to Oracle database and then use that as a secondary import source for SharePoint
  • User Profile Service. SharePoint uses active directory connection as the primary and Business data connection as Secondary Store for user profiles. Import user profiles from Active directory first, import profile properties from BCS External store (Ex. OAM Database), and then create connection of type BCS with one-to-one or one-to-many mapping relationship between imported active directory properties & BCS store.

Implementing a custom claim provider

  • Create a claims provider that understands Oracle Access Manager and authorize SharePoint resources.
  • When SharePoint gets the request, it will first forward the request to the SharePoint security token service so that it can convert the windows identity to claims identity.
  • Custom claims provider could be used to guarantee about the identity in hand and it could look up the user in the Oracle. The custom claims provider will be designed to write into the claim any particular attribute SAML token and send it back to SharePoint.


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