Thursday, January 3, 2013

Create a list view which shows the items of a specific folder

Requirement: To create a view to list out all the items in a specific folder named 'Archived' from a list.

1. Open the site in SharePoint Designer and navigate to the list view page
2. Convert the view to XSLT view
3. Create a new data source connection from the list by clicking on Copy and Modify menu

4. Provide name for the data source in the general tab and set the Filters, fields and Sort conditions. Make sure that you select RecursiveAll options from the Scope drop down.

XSLT View RecursiveAll

5. Click Ok

6. In Design View, click the Common Data View Tasks menu for the Web Part
Common Data View Tasks

7. Set the following filter condition. (Provide the relative URL of the folder view)
Path Equals sites/XXXX/SiteName/Lists/ListName/FolderName

8. Click Ok to exit

9. Save the file

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