Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Enable Auditing for a specific document library and list.

Environment: SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
  • Enable audit for a document library to get the number of times the document is opened
  • Enable audit for a list to get the total number of times the item is edited.
  1. Go to Document library > Settings > Library Settings
  2. Click Information management policy settings
  1. Click on Document under Content Type
  2. Provide the necessary details and select “Opening or downloading documents, viewing items in lists, or viewing item properties” under Enable Auditing
  1. Click OK
  2. Navigate to the list where you want to set the policy
  3. Click List Settings > Select Information management policy settings

  1. Select the List from the policy settings
  2. Provide the required details and select Editing items under Enable Auditing

  1. To view the report, navigate to the top level site and Site Settings
  2. Select Audit log reports under Site Collection Administration

  1. Click Run a custom report under Custom Reports section

  1. Select the required events to view the report for

  1. Click Ok
  1. Click on “Click here to view the report”

Note: Site collection administrators page views or edit are not tracked.

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